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LW - Liz Woods

LW is a writer and publisher of children's books. She also posts news and political commentary in social media.

LW has a sincere, deep interest in what's going on in our country today. She knows what fake news is and how to navigate it, and feels it's her duty to share this knowledge with the readers of this newsletter.

"Thank you for dropping by.  You are all welcome, no matter what political stripe you buy into."


In full disclosure, LW is a dedicated, Christian conservative & Trump fan. 

"I don't know President Trump," she states, "but I've followed his career for years and continue to admire him.  He's the best thing to happen to our country in a very long time."

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Ooops! is a children's book written by LW for sale on her store website called "Motherhood Rocks!"  Please feel free to visit there anytime.  

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It is a little story for little guys and girls who are learning how to eat with a spoon. Mom and Dad can know that this messy time of life will be over soon!  Enjoy!